Very Vintage Wedding Hair

I love that the vintage thing is such a huge trend in weddings right now. I’ve always said that I should have been born in another time; maybe the 40’s, but with my Chi, iphone, and a few other necessities. The vintage trend is becoming more and more present in weddings. From the dress, to the decor, and even the hair, the vintage trend is everywhere, even when the theme isn’t vintage related.

I really love the vintage hair look. It’s soft, romantic, elegant and timeless. Side swept do’s and pin up curls is where it’s at, ladies! I am so very thankful that the 80’s-90’s traditional french twist and the let’s just curl everything in sight look is making a strong exit. Don’t get me wrong, curls are never going away. The innocence of them is perfect for almost any bride, but there’s a right way to do them, and a very wrong way. Now I’m rambling, and I really just wanted to share some fabulous hair pics! So, without further ado, very vintage hair:

(As always, the pictures are clickable links to where they originally came from.)




A bottle of wine that could save your marriage! {Unique Wedding Ceremonies}

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post! We are full swing in an amazing fall wedding season here in SWFL, and busier than ever! I cannot wait to share some of these weddings with you all (soon).

I came across something today that made my heart melt just a little bit. I love a unique touch to a wedding ceremony. Traditional ceremonies are lovely, but I just LOVE hearing something clever that I’ve never heard before, which brings me to what I came across today!

I’m going to quote the Edison & Ford Winter Estates’ blog post, so I don’t ruin the story telling with my interpretation.

“Before the ceremony, the bride and groom wrote letters describing all the things they love about each other. During their wedding, officiant David Thompson of BareFoot We Wed, had them place their letters into a small box containing a single bottle of wine. “Keep this bottle in plain sight in your home. Should your marriage ever hit a rough spot, before you make any rash decisions, open the bottle of wine, pour each other a glass, and read your letters,” he said. This wine ceremony had everyone tearing up! ”

Don’t you just love that idea?!