Wonderful Winter Wedding {Details}

I love the idea of a winter wedding theme, even in Florida. Although it’s currently 80 degrees here, there’ something so appealingly festive about a winter themed wedding. I’ve found a few gem details recently that I just LOVE for this theme. So, of course, I have to share them!

We’ll start with what’s possibly my favorite-

White Branch Drink Stirrers

These little cuties are an awesome detail. Sometimes the smallest details make the biggest impact. I’m not saying these stirrers will be the focal point of your wedding, but I’m thinking the guests will definitely be chatting about how cute and unique they are!

An “Icey” Favor, Rock Candy

Rock candy would be a super cute addition to a tablescape! The little treats just scream wintry, the clear or blue ones that is. Maybe they don’t scream it, but they remind me of ice! A candy stick at each setting  would be an excellent winter wedding detail!

White Pine Plates

More frozen trees? Yes, please! These plates against a soft gray table cloth…swoon! Hello winter wonderland!

Hot Chocolate Station

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate?! Instead of a candy, coffee, or dessert station, serve your guests hot chocolate with a schlew of tasty additions. Peppermint hot chocolate, toffee hot chocolate, extra chocolatey hot chocolate…I don’t know how I’d ever decide.

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