Bianca and Bryan: A Romantic Blush Wedding at the Powel Crosley Estate.


The Powel Crosley Estate is my favorite venue. It is unique, and emits a certain ambiance that is untouchable by most venues. This wedding was beautiful, everything about it. The bride and groom, Bianca and Bryan, are gorgeous, and every little detail was elegant, soft and romantic. A swoon worthy affair for sure. This was the first time I had the pleasure of working with Djamel Photography and Botanica Florist. Wow. Both vendors were amazing and impressive to say the least! Here are just a few photos of the amazing-ness that was Bianca and Bryan’s wedding!

Hair & make up: Jess Waldrop, Lighting: Affairs in the Air, Officiant: Rev Rick 



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Michelle & Michael: Modern Purple & Fuchsia Glam Wedding on Marco Island

Michelle & Michael were married at the fabulous Marco Island Marriott on beautiful Marco Island, Fl. Michelle, who resides in NYC, wanted a glamorous, modern wedding. We used mirrored cube vases from the ceremony to the reception. We also opted for the clear chaivari chairs and a linen with a little sheen to it! Among the other fun details, we did a dessert bar, with mini tarts, cupcakes, meringues and other treats! Needless to say, the desserts were a hit! Michelle & Michael’s day turned out absolutely beautiful and they had a great time dancing the night away to the awesome band, the Headliners!

Photo: Justin DeMutiis Photography

Floral Design: Libby’s Flowers

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Nautical Glam Styled Photo Shoot

 Confession: I haven’t blogged in a long time. Ok, a really long time. I could give you a ton of excuses why…but it all boils down to being incredibly busy, planning incredible weddings! No complaints here in regards to that! I’d love to catch you up on what we’ve been up to. So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging some of my favorite weddings from the past year or so! I’m going to start with a super fun photo shoot that we did last summer with Jamie Lee Photography at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point! This beautiful shoot was published on the fabulous wedding blog, Style Me Pretty. Click {here} to check out their blog post on it!


Jamie Lee Photography and I wanted to put together something nautical, glamorous, and chic. We decided to go with the very-nautical combination of navy and (a lot of) gold. We glammed it up with sequin linens, gold flatware, gold shells, and a little more gold (everywhere). The outcome was beautiful….see for yourself below!

Thank you to all of our vendors who made the shoot so fabulous!

Photography: Jamie Lee Photography | Videography: Fidelis Films | Wedding Dress: Allure Bridals | Cake: Hyatt Regency Coconut Point | Stationery: Page Stationery | Engagement Ring: Kay Jewelers: Neil Lane Collection | Tux: Tuxxman | Boat: All Water Excursions | Cake Stands: BezInnovations | Cake Topper: The Pink Owl Gifts | Charger Plates & Candle Sticks: ZGallerie | Compass Place Cards: LH Calligraphy | Florist : Libbys Flowers | Gold flatware: Taylor Rental Naples | Gown + Accessories: For the Bride Boutique | Hair & Make up: Salon Tease & Faces by Frohmberg | Invitations + Programs: Page Stationery | Just Married Banner: The Pink Lantern | Lighting & Chiavari Chairs: Island Event Rentals | Linens: La Tavola | Lounge Furniture & Gold Pedestals: Swanky Event Rentals | Planning & Design:Fabulously Chic Weddings | Shoot location: Hyatt Regency Coconut Point | Stationery : Paradise Papers

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Bold Bouquets {Bright Done Right}

Like most wedding planners, I’m obsessed with flowers. I personally love soft colors and fluffy, feminine flowers (peonies and garden roses, of course). Bold bouquets that consist of multiple colors, deep or bright, are something you have to be careful with. I support bold bouquets, but they have to be what I like to call “bright done right”. Although they may be composed of 5 colors, when done right, something just makes sense and ties everything together. This is something that is difficult to explain, so check out some fab pics instead.😉 These types of bouquets are so fun for a Spring or Summer wedding!

(If you love the bouquet above, click the image. It’ll take you to a Green Wedding Shoes blog post; this wedding is absolutely fabulous and so fun!)

You get the idea, right? I knew you would.

Something Blue {Traditions}

We are all familiar with the old tradition of “Some old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. A lot of brides aren’t adhering to this tradition like they used to, but I believe this is a tradition that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! The first three are usually the easiest, something blue can be a little more challenging!

There are so many fun ways to wear your “something blue”, though. Most are just a fresh twist on old ideas, which I love. Either way, check out some of my favs below!

(Find something you LOVE? Images are always clickable and will take you to their original location.)

Cocktail Rings:

Cocktail rings are super trendy right now. They go hand in hand (hehe) with the current vintage theme, and I just love them!

Soleful details:

These are just plain adorable, and can easily be done with some super glue and scrapbooking letters or rhinestones!


This idea is nothing knew, but garters are cuter than they have ever been. The are gorgeous, fancy, and very detailed (unlike the old ones that all just had a small bow).

And, of course, fancy panties:

No explanation needed on this one. Put something pretty under that gorgeous dress!

Elisa & Steven {Unpredictability on the Gulf}

Elisa and Steven’s wedding day is definitely one I will never forget. There’s a first time for everything, and this was one of those unpredictable “firsts”.

Everything went as planned at the rehearsal, and they were off to the rehearsal dinner to have a fun night of food, dancing and drinks. I awoke at 8am on the wedding day to a text message from the groom, Steven, saying, “Please call me when you get this.” My heart sank. I had a horrible feeling, and knew something had to be wrong. I called Steven and he proceeded to tell me the he and Elisa were at the emergency room, and had been there for hours. Elisa was very sick all night; it got so bad that she had to go to the ER. They were giving her fluids via IV and things weren’t looking good for the wedding.

Long story short, Elisa started hair and make up less than 30 minutes before she was supposed to be on the beach taking pictures with her bridesmaids. The vendors were prepared to push everything back and hour or more, but somehow things ran barely 30 minutes behind schedule.

Elisa was stunning. Some of the guests had no idea she had been in the hospital all day; you wouldn’t have ever guessed it by the way she looked (see below). I know Elisa didn’t feel up to par the entire night, but she really did her best to enjoy the day, and constantly had a smile on her face. I give her an infinite amount of credit for trucking through that night and actually enjoying it. The icing on the cake was when she insisted on still doing the Hora (traditional Jewish “chair dance”). She went up on that chair like a champ, and it looked like she really had a blast! Although her day wasn’t perfect, as planned, it was still a wonderful day for all.

One other thing to note, when you see the pictures, you can see the sky is pretty overcast. Fifteen minutes prior to the ceremony it was black. The “wedding gods” thankfully gave her a break, and it somehow cleared just in time! I will be forever grateful for this!

Below: My Favorite Picture!

beach wedding candy station

Thank You to our awesome vendors!

Bouquets/Hoopa: Libby’s Flowers

Photography: Photog Studios

Ceremony Music: Tim Delaney of Steely Pan

Officiant: Christina Bowman of Beautiful Fl Weddings

DJ/UpLighting: O’Ryan Sound

Venue: Diamondhead Beach Resort & Spa


Steely Pan

Alli & Charles {Natural & Flowy at The Powel Crosley Estate}

Alli and Charles Trippy are a super fun couple. They have a very unique job and life. Alli and Charles work for YouTube and have been posting a video about their lives everyday for over 3 years now! They have a pretty huge fan base that watches their videos daily.

Alli & Charles were married at the Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota, Fl. If you haven’t seen this venue, you must check it out! When it comes to the wedding decor, Alli wanted to keep everything very natural. They felt it was also important that the wedding come off as fun and relaxed. Alli’s dress was soft and flowy, yet very texturized (Vera Wang’s Diana…swoon!). We basically worked with that concept. Alli loved bells of Ireland because of the natural flow and texture that they have to them, so we incorporated them throughout. The lighter shade of green really accented the eggplant bridesmaid dresses well. We continued that color scheme with the also very texturized, green hypericum berries and baby green hydrangeas in the bridesmaid bouquets. For the escort card display, they didn’t want to waste paper and wanted it to go with the natural aspect of the concept, so I came up with the idea using actual leaves. The leaves came off of Alli’s parent’s tree, which I thought was really special. The escort card display was inside the house, where the window sills and fireplace were covered with moss and candles. The fireplace inside of the Powel Crosley Estate is stunning! I could go on and on about this wedding; the concept was so fun and unique, but I’ll go ahead and share some of the picture with you!

Disclaimer: There will be a ton of pictures in this post. Jason Mize is an amazing photographer and got a ton of great shots.

Also, be sure to check out the video from the wedding at the very bottom!

Awesome vendors that made this wedding possible:

Venue: Powel Crosley Estate

Music: Stereophonic Dj’s

Photography: Jason Mize

Flowers: Beneva

Catering: Mattison’s

Hair: Alexia Brown

Make up: Ana Molinari

Videography: Aexian Studios

Photobooth: Fabulous Photo booth

Lighting: Affairs in the Air