Something Blue {Traditions}

We are all familiar with the old tradition of “Some old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. A lot of brides aren’t adhering to this tradition like they used to, but I believe this is a tradition that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! The first three are usually the easiest, something blue can be a little more challenging!

There are so many fun ways to wear your “something blue”, though. Most are just a fresh twist on old ideas, which I love. Either way, check out some of my favs below!

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Cocktail Rings:

Cocktail rings are super trendy right now. They go hand in hand (hehe) with the current vintage theme, and I just love them!

Soleful details:

These are just plain adorable, and can easily be done with some super glue and scrapbooking letters or rhinestones!


This idea is nothing knew, but garters are cuter than they have ever been. The are gorgeous, fancy, and very detailed (unlike the old ones that all just had a small bow).

And, of course, fancy panties:

No explanation needed on this one. Put something pretty under that gorgeous dress!

Very Vintage Wedding Hair

I love that the vintage thing is such a huge trend in weddings right now. I’ve always said that I should have been born in another time; maybe the 40’s, but with my Chi, iphone, and a few other necessities. The vintage trend is becoming more and more present in weddings. From the dress, to the decor, and even the hair, the vintage trend is everywhere, even when the theme isn’t vintage related.

I really love the vintage hair look. It’s soft, romantic, elegant and timeless. Side swept do’s and pin up curls is where it’s at, ladies! I am so very thankful that the 80’s-90’s traditional french twist and the let’s just curl everything in sight look is making a strong exit. Don’t get me wrong, curls are never going away. The innocence of them is perfect for almost any bride, but there’s a right way to do them, and a very wrong way. Now I’m rambling, and I really just wanted to share some fabulous hair pics! So, without further ado, very vintage hair:

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Beautiful Bridal Accessories {Stunning Hairpieces}

The old rule book says veils are a must, the blusher and all. Times have changed though. This symbol of purity and modesty isn’t a must anymore, but this doesn’t make those adjective inapplicable to you. Just like the styles and levels of modesty of wedding dresses have changed, so have the accessories. Hair pieces can be the perfect bridal accessories, with details that veils don’t even know about! There are soo many different kinds of hair accessories. Let me treat you eyes to some of the types.

As always, the pictures are linked to the site they came from, in case you fall in love with one in particular!

Hair Pins & Combs

Feathers! Oh how I adore feathers! They are a major trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and I’m definitely okay with that! They create such a soft and romantic feel.

Sparkly Crystals! Brides love the bling! Crystals always make a statement, a good statement.

Classic Pearls! Pearls are so very elegant and chic. They are timeless and ALWAYS in style!

( beach destination wedding perfection!)